2 months on: Origins Well Off Gentle Eye Makeup Remover & Cheaper Alternative!

Eye makeup removers are often something that most people I know over look but to me they are key in my evening skincare routine - especially after a long day at work or after having a full face of glam on. I love removing my eye makeup first, then using a cleansing oil to lather away my foundation and whatever remnants there are of my eye-makeup. I decided to switch things up from my usual eye makeup remover to this Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and 2 months on, I thought I'd give you guys my thoughts.

Before I go ahead with the review I have to mention that I ONLY ever wear waterproof mascara as it helps to keep my short and very straight lashes curled. So evidently, this makeup remover didn't remove a trace of my mascara.

Any who - right off the batt i'll admit that the potent smell of rose flower water doesn't exactly tickle my fancy. However, it is something that I personally can over look. The consistency is basically like water or... miceller water for lack of better description, so it didn't strike me as anything exciting at all. In fact - it really did feel like I was just removing my eye makeup with a light wash of water.

I apply the liquid onto a cotton pad and wipe. My eye shadow had no problem coming off, however if i'm wearing a (non-waterproof) liquid liner then i'd say only 20% of the product would remove after gently running the cotton pad over it a couple of times - even still it wouldn't all be gone. Basically - anything liquid or dark it will fail to remove.
Overall, this is probably the weakest eye-makeup remover and most expensive that I have ever tried and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wears anything more than a little bit of eyeshadow.

Instead, I HIGHLY recommend the boots botanics eye makeup remover unless you're not a fan of any oily substances around your eyes. This eye makeup remover never fails to remove my waterproof mascara (which it claims to do) and any remnants of my eyelash glue. I have however read that this isn't great for anyone with sensitive eyes!

The Origins Well-Of Makeup Remover is £16.50
Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover is £2.50.

Have you guys tried this? Whats your favourite eye makeup remover?

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