Location: S10, Martineau Place, 72 Corporation St, Birmingham B2 4UQ.

I had the pleasure of having my long locks groomed at the new Rush Hair salon in Birmingham over the Christmas period, and boy was I in for a lovely treat that evening!
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the blogger event that they had posted a week prior to my appointment, but Tank Pr was lovely enough to book me in for another appointment that was best suited to me.

On arrival, I was greeted by a receptionist and I noticed it was a pretty busy evening for them and all of the staff were rushing around doing all sorts to keep their clients happy - there were good vibes all round.

I was introduced to my stylist, Scott - one of the salon managers and might I add... a very lovely gentleman. He took my jacket, asked what I would like to drink (glass of water, please!) and then he proceeded to the consultation.

In brief, I just wanted a slight trim and a few long layers. Prior to the haircut, I had a pretty blunt cut with no layers at all - so as you can imagine, it was pretty hard to style and maintain and all i used to do was tuck it behind my ears (did I mention i'm not great with styling my hair?!)

We had a lovely chat about products and how I find it difficult to get volume due to the thickness and weight of my hair. He recommended me this Kerastase Volumifique Volume Spray which he used on me during the blowdrying and curling stages.

This product costed me a whopping 20 quid! *shock face* and to be honest, I'm quite disappointed in it as i only seem to get some volume in my hair during the first hour after styling (pictured above). I kind of regret paying so much for a hair product, though my stylist kept mentioning the range of products throughout the consultation that I felt a little obliged to spend. Not to say he was pushy at all,  but he was definitely trying to sell me a product or too.

Nonetheless, I had a great experience at Rush and I would recommend this salon! Scott is very talented and really took great care of me. He finished off by giving me these relaxed waves using the original GHD hair straighteners and even taught me how to do this on myself, too.

Disclaimer: Although I was given a consultation and cut free of charge on behalf of TankPr, I am in no way obliged to give a positive review and all thoughts are my own.

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