Urban Decay Aphrodisiac Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

The new Urban Decay Aphrodisiac Palette houses 6 shades, both matte and shimmer housed in a compact case (a little smaller than an iPhone 7/8) and includes a great sized mirror for on-the-go guys and girls. At a glance, it's a perfect autumnal palette with shades that everyone could easily work with but on application the shadows struggled to blend together easily, which didn't bother me too much because I got a good blend after using a big, clean, fluffy blending brush to create that a smooth transition.  


As always, I love UD's packaging. The aphrodisiac palette is something we're already used to as it's the same as the Naked Basics & Petite Heat. The design is so beautiful and really stands out amongst my other palettes. I love that it's lightweight and  I can just slide this in my makeup bag and I can ultimately just use the mirror for touch ups! It's no-fuss and you're not going to get a really terrible makeup 'brush' fall out every-time you open it up!

Shades & Pigmentation
As mentioned above, the shades are a great combination and you could really do some great looks with this palette, or keep it super basic with the  beautiful transitional shades (Sheets & Beyond). It would've been beautiful with a shimmery highlight shade, but I guess as we walk into winter, we want to keep things more matte, right? 

Night Fever is a coppery shade, which I find doesn't suit my yellow skin tone too well, but actually works well as a light shimmer on-top of a deeper Bronze as this shade is pretty opaque. Great on it's own, blended together with beyond.

Addict - purple/plum is a colour I want to play more with as the weather gets a bit colder. I haven't touched purple in years but I find it looks so beautiful on brown and blue eyes! The texture is so smooth and in my opinion, it's the most pigmented and creamiest shade out of the 6.

Glare is a beautiful Bronze (which is basically the only colour scheme I ever go for!) - it's got quite big particles of Glitter in it, but surprisingly it didn't create a lot of fall-out at all. I'd recommend spraying your brush with Mac's Fix+ before applying to really bind the shadow together.

Whiplash - because who doesn't need a warm matte brown? This could double up as your eyebrow powder and/or your eyeliner - so hats of to UD for not putting a black eyeshadow in this palette, cause' i'm pretty fed up of those! It's a finely milled shadow with a smooth texture, however still took a while to diffuse and blend out, so you really have to blend with a clean blending brush!

For £28.00, I think it's a great palette for day-to-night glam during these Autumn and Winter seasons. I think i'll definitely be reaching for it quite often, especially when I travel as it has a great transition colour and a gorgeous brown, which you could use to smoke out your look for a more dramatic look! You'll need to blend quite well to mesh the shadows together and with night fever and glare, I'd definitely recommend wetting your brush first.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you think UD will be coming out with more products for the Aphrodisiac range?

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