Review: Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream

When it comes to moisturisers or skin care as a whole, I tend to stick to what I know and love which is usually Soap & Glory's 'For Daily Youth' moisturiser, which seems to constantly be out of stock?!. As the weather gets colder and my skin gets more dry, I find myself being forced to find another moisturiser that balances out my skins moisture levels without breaking me out.  These breakouts may have been caused by another moisturiser I was trying *ahem* (Olay Beauty Fluid! shock horror).

My favourite skincare brands include the following: Kihels, Laneige and Origins - so far these brands have never let me down and I pray they never do! (besides my annoying experience with origins eye makeup remover! :( see here.)

The Origins Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream contains skin and energy boosters such as Ginseng and Coffee Bean. These ingredients scared me at first as I was alarmed that it may be too harsh for my skin, but instead, once applied it gives my complexion a revitalized glow! The moisturiser is recommended for all skin-types as it was designed to do nothing else but moisturise and create healthy looking skin.

The consistency is creamy, but not too thick, making it easy to apply without it feeling like an arm workout and a little bit also goes a long way, which is great because the jar seemed so tiny! With that being said, 50ml is average for any moisturiser. Whats more is that this cream smells oh-so-dreamy, too, with bursts of a citrusy smell, which really gives me a quick hit of sunshine during this gloomy season.

I highly recommend this to anyone, with any skin type!

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