BareMinerals: Summer Mineral Foundation Routine for Clearer, Healthier and Glowy Looking Skin!

I know how people can be so sceptical when it comes to 'powder' foundation's. Question's typically asked are... Does it look powdery? Does it last all day? How is it gonna give me enough coverage? Hopefully I can give you guys the answer's that you're looking for in todays post. (please excuse the lengthy-ness but it'll be interesting - i swear!)

First and foremost, I just really want to stress how much mineral foundation can be amazing for your skin whilst also giving you a flawless complexion! With me being such a beauty-holic, I admit that I like to switch my foundations up from time-to-time, especially when theres a new one on the market that fellow bloggers tend to rave about. However, with my skin playing up recently I've had to be extra precautious when it comes to certain things I put onto my skin which is why recently I've been reaching for my Bare Minerals Original Foundation.

As of late, this has been my go-to foundation routine when I want something lightweight, natural and glowy and just all-in-all great for my skin whilst trying to get-rid of a few annoying blemishes!

So let me talk you guys through step-by-step...
Complexion rescue - £26

 Prime, prime, prime! You can use a primer of your choice - yes the prime-time primers from BareMinerals are great as they do not contain silicone). However with the weather getting warmer, I like to use their Complexion Rescue (shade 06 ginger) as my base to create more of a dewy look to my skin. Not forgetting to mention the fact that this product is a combination of a BB (blemish balm), CC (colour corrector) and tinted moisturiser combined WITH a natural SPF30 (PA+++). I just use a pea size amount of this, not expecting it to give me a great amount of coverage, and evenly distribute it over my face.

Of course, you can stop right here if you're more of a tinted-moisturiser on it's own kinda-gal, but nah-uh... I definitely need a fuller coverage...

Original foundation - £26

 Foundation! My absolute favourite step! I love wearing BM'S original foundation, but always struggle to find my exact shade especially in the spring/summer months because I tan fairly easily. At the moment, I'm mixing medium beige with medium tan.

Applying mineral foundation isn't going to be everyones cup of tea, mainly due to the mess that it can cause to your dressing table. This is because during the application process you'll have to tap the foundation into the lid, swirl the product and then tap off the excess - I know what you're thinking - grr so much mess, right?! I personally have gotten into the habbit of laying a sheet of tissue down prior to application to avoid mess! Or if you have any other tips - please let me know! :)

So a lot of the time, people wonder if mineral foundation will give your skin that ever so dreaded 'powdery' foundation look, and the answer is No. With mineral foundations, the product mixes in with the natural oil's of your skin to create a light and creamy consistency which shows once you're done applying the foundation.

Mineral foundation is great because it's totally build-able if you wanted full-coverage yet it won't look or feel cakey. As well as this, it won't clog up your pores, therefore your skin will still breathe! 

Bare Skin Perfecting Veil - £22

Set! I love using setting sprays with my mineral foundation, however when i'm on the go I just love to set my foundation with the BM perfecting veil in the shade medium. This product, like many of the BM products contains Lilac Plant Stem cells and Vitamin C, which helps to brighten up the skin and it also contains a special blend of minerals to help absorb excess oil, which is why I love it in the summer months!

Ta-da! please excuse the ever-so-cheesy pout-pose but it was the only picture I managed to take with my mineral foundation routine on.

I love how long it lasts on my skin and how radiant it looks! Even my boyfriend prefers it when I wear this foundation because he says it looks effortless, and I agree!

Let me know if you guys found this post helpful, and if so - would you switch to mineral foundation?

with love, P x

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